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SP53XE IoT LED Controller

New Design IoT LED Controller

We are proud to introduce the new design Multi-Function IoT LED Controllers, offering you an unprecedented lighting experience. Whether for home decoration, commercial spaces, or event venues, these series controllers will bring you a whole new audiovisual feast.

Technical Parameters & Functions:

  • Item name: SP53XE(531E-53CE) Voltage: DC5V-24V APP:Balax
  • Output signal: PWM(SP531E-SP535E),SPI(SP536E-SP53AE), PWM&SPI(SP53BE,SP53CE)
  • Ouput connectors: 8 connectors
  • Support WiFi,Bluetooth and  Control remotely via a mobile app, adjust lighting effects anytime, anywhere, all at your fingertips.
  • Support third-party voice control like Alexa, Google Home,Xiaoai,Xiaodu e.t.c.
  • Support music control and 2.4g rf remote control
  • PWM support 16KHZ High Frequency dimming,Large power MOS Output, No flicker.

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