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2024 Cultural and Creative Industry Expo

Overall Arrangements and Preparation Status

The current Cultural and Creative Industry Expo is scheduled to be held from May 23rd to 27th, lasting for 5 days. The main venue is set at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an additional 52 sub-venues spread across various districts in the city. As of now, all preparations for the Expo are progressing smoothly. We have a total of 6,015 government delegations, cultural institutions, and companies participating both online and offline, which is an increase of 2,419 compared to the previous edition. Among them, 3,076 are participating offline, an increase of 388 from the previous year, and 2,939 are participating online, an increase of 2,031. All 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions are participating. The Expo has also attracted 302 overseas exhibitors from 60 countries and regions, with 108 countries and regions invited to participate online and offline, totaling over 30,000 overseas professional visitors. The Expo will showcase over 120,000 cultural products and host displays and transactions for over 4,000 cultural industry investment and financing projects on-site.

Exhibition Content

This year’s Cultural and Creative Industry Expo consists of 8 exhibition halls, including 3 comprehensive exhibitions and 5 professional exhibitions, each with an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, totaling 160,000 square meters. The halls are as follows: Cultural Industry Comprehensive Exhibition Halls A and B, the Greater Bay Area Cultural Industry Innovation Exhibition, Cultural Tourism Integration and Cultural Consumption Exhibition, Film, Publishing, Copyright, and Game eSports Exhibition, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Time-Honored Brands, and Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Art, Design, and National Trend Exhibition, and International Cultural Trade Exhibition. The online Cultural and Creative Industry Expo platform will categorize cultural products and projects according to the exhibition halls and areas, synchronously showcasing offline exhibition content on the online platform.

Distinctive Highlights

This year’s Cultural and Creative Industry Expo will accelerate the transformation and upgrade of the Expo, actively introducing high-end cultural industry resources from both domestic and international sources. The focus is on enhancing internationalization, marketization, specialization, and digitization, aiming to create new features, highlights, and achievements for the Expo. It centers around six focal points and aims to achieve six enhancements, striving to shape a new outlook for the Expo.

  1. Focus on the new cultural mission of the new era, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s brand influence.
  2. Focus on expanding foreign cultural trade, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s internationalization level.
  3. Focus on cultural product and project transactions, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s marketization level.
  4. Focus on optimizing comprehensive Expo services, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s specialization level.
  5. Focus on implementing cultural digitization strategies, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s digitization level.
  6. Focus on meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, emphasizing the enhancement of the Expo’s participation and dissemination power.

Key Highlights of the Cultural and Creative Industry Expo

The current Cultural and Creative Industry Expo is undergoing a comprehensive renewal, reshaping for a fresh start, and revitalizing a new atmosphere in terms of exhibitions, transactions, and expo services. The main aspects of this renewal are as follows:

  1. Top-tier and Emerging Forces in the Cultural Industry: The Expo will witness the convergence of leading cultural industry enterprises and emerging forces, showcasing a diverse array of creativity. Top-tier companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Huace Film & TV, Gehua Media, China Film, Fantawild, and Overseas Chinese City, along with over 220 leading cultural enterprises from home and abroad, will participate. This includes emerging forces representing new productive forces in the cultural industry, focusing on “culture + technology,” “culture + creativity,” and “culture + new consumption” formats. Companies like Migu Culture, JD.com, ByteDance, and Xiaohongshu, as well as cross-industry projects like Maotai Cultural Tourism, BYD, and NIO, will gather at the Expo, showcasing the vibrant development of China’s cultural industry.
  2. Significant Increase in Premier Showcases: The Expo will host over 100 innovative project and new product launches, reaching a historical high. Additionally, more than 20 investment promotion meetings, promotion events, and ordering meetings will be held. Institutions and enterprises such as China Film, Antong Investments, Yongsound Animation, Overseas Chinese City, Frankfurt Book Fair, and China-Australia Innovation Center will debut their showcases, highlighting the Expo’s role as a premier stage for cultural product launches.
  3. Showcasing Chinese Culture’s International Influence: Leading resources driving the international dissemination of Chinese culture, such as those behind “Oriental Charm” and the global trend of “Chinese Elements,” will converge at the Expo. This includes top brands in cultural internationalization like Yawen Communication, Maple Interactive, and Weiyoo Entertainment, showcasing China’s cultural influence and global reach in areas such as online literature, web series, and online gaming.
  4. Integration of Online and Offline Leading Cultural Consumption Trends: Collaborating with top internet live streaming and e-commerce platforms such as Taobao Live, Douyin, and JD, the Expo will feature live broadcasts of selected high-quality products on-site, leveraging local business resources and influencer partnerships to support transactions. Deepening cooperation with Tmall and Taobao, the Expo will provide platform access services for participating enterprises, creating online “sub-venues” and trading zones to expand online trading channels and market coverage for cultural products, leading the way in cultural consumption and boosting economic development.
  5. New Productive Forces Drive Expo’s Innovation: The Expo will serve as a platform for new productive force enterprises and institutions, facilitating industry exchange and technological empowerment in the cultural sector. Leading domestic cultural technology, equipment manufacturing, and AI enterprises like Light Peak Technology, Silk Road Vision, iFlytek, Lehman Optoelectronics, Hongpu Sun, Zhiming Technology, Laihua Technology, Shanghai Fengyuzhu, and Zhongyi Yutong will participate. An AI Grand Model Central Release and Promotion Area will be established, with industry leaders like Huawei and Pangu showcasing flagship products, highlighting the broad development prospects of new productive forces in the cultural field.
  6. Continuous Expansion of the International “Circle of Friends” at the Expo: The Expo will feature an International Cultural Trade Exhibition, with the international exhibition area expanding from 3,000 square meters in the previous edition to 20,000 square meters in the current one. The number of overseas countries and regions participating online and offline has increased from 50 in the previous edition to 60 in the current one. It is expected that over 90,000 professional buyers and visitors from home and abroad will engage in offline negotiations and orders. International brand exhibition institutions, such as the Russian Artists Association, the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce in the UK, the Korean Traditional Culture Research Institute, the Kumamoto Craft Museum in Japan, the Spanish Trade Association, and the leading B2B media company Global Resources, will participate. The world’s largest publishing industry exhibition, the Frankfurt Book Fair, will debut with its unique books at the Expo. Deepening cooperation with Alibaba, Taobao Live, JD, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin, as well as collaborating with the Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association, will help companies connect with overseas markets, promoting more cross-border cultural trade and investment opportunities.

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