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Canton Fair Global Share

The 135th Canton Fair -Canton Fair Global Share

It is reported that the 135th Canton Fair will be held in three phases from 15 April to 5 May in Guangzhou, and it is expected that more than 1 million new products will be displayed on site, more than 450,000 green products, and more than 250,000 independent intellectual property rights products, all of which are increased compared with the previous session.

Pre-registration of overseas buyers grows significantly

According to the organisers, this year’s Canton Fair has made efforts to improve the quality of exhibition organisation. Firstly, it is to optimise the theme structure. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of the comprehensive exhibition, highlighting the professional plate, the first, second and third respectively to “advanced manufacturing”, “quality home”, “good life” as the theme; focus on consolidating building materials, The first, second and third phases of the exhibition will be themed on “Advanced Manufacturing”, “Quality Home” and “Better Life” respectively; the exhibition will focus on consolidating the seven inter-phase adjustment zones for building materials, sanitary ware, toys, pregnancy and infancy, etc., strengthening the cultivation of new energy automobiles and intelligent travelling, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and other new topics, “New Three Kinds” related zones, and significantly expanding the Smart Life Zone, so that the theme of the exhibition period will be more distinctive, and the synergies of the topics and materials will be more close.

“At present, the volume of pre-registration of overseas buyers, the volume of applications for invitation letters to the Canton Fair, and the volume of hotel bookings in Guangzhou City have all increased significantly compared with the previous session, which indicates that overseas buyers have increased their willingness to participate in the fair.” China Foreign Trade Centre Foreign Liaison Office Han Cai Bo introduced to reporters, the Canton Fair global retail 250 and countries and regions of the big business increased significantly, the United States Wal-Mart, Bilot, Amazon, France Auchan, Carrefour, Schneider, the United Kingdom Tesco, Sambori, CuiFeng, Germany, Metro, TEDI, Lidl, Sweden, IKEA, Japan, Japan, like a bird, Daiso, Mexico, Koper and other nearly 200 head of the Nearly 200 leading enterprises have confirmed their participation in the conference. More than 100 overseas industrial and commercial organisations, such as UNIDO, China-US Chamber of Commerce, UK 48 Club, Canada-China Business Council, German Federal Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, China-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confederazione Italiana delle Entreprises, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in China, and Building and Construction Association of Victoria, Australia, are expected to participate in the event.

This year’s Canton Fair will focus on key markets such as Europe, America, the “Belt and Road” and RCEP, as well as key enterprises such as the top 250 global retailers, expand more head enterprises and industry resources, and explore the establishment of a long-lasting mechanism of pre-show liaison and contact, exhibition docking services, and post-show verification and tracking.

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