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Ultra long cob led strips

Ultra long cob led strip

Ultra Long COB LED Strip is a type of LED strip manufactured using COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, which is a technology that encapsulates multiple LED chips directly onto the same substrate to form a tightly spaced LED array. Compared to traditional surface mount LED beads, COB beads integrate more LED chips in the same area, thus providing higher brightness and more uniform light output.

Ultra Long COB LED strips are typically made up of multiple COB beads connected together to form one long strip. This design makes it easier to extend or shorten the strip during installation to accommodate different lengths of lighting.

Ultra Long COB led strip has the following features:

  1. High brightness: COB technology enables the strip to provide higher brightness output, suitable for places that require higher lighting intensity.
  2. Uniform light output: Due to the close arrangement of LED chips in the COB lamp beads, the long cascade COB light strip can provide more uniform light output, reducing the appearance of light spots and shadows.
  3. Flexibility: Long cascade COB strips can be extended or shortened as needed to accommodate different lengths of lighting decorative needs.
  4. Energy efficient: LED technology itself is energy efficient, long cascade COB strip can also be further improved through the selection of high-efficiency LED chips and power supplies to improve energy efficiency.

Ultra Long COB Led Strip is suitable for a variety of indoor lighting decoration places, such as commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, exhibition halls and so on. When selecting and installing, you can consider factors such as the brightness, colour temperature and length of the light strip as needed.
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