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CCT 2000K-6500K

What’s color temperature of led strip?

LED strips are available in various color temperatures, which are measured in Kelvin (K). The color temperature of an LED strip refers to the perceived “warmth” or “coolness” of the light it emits. Here are some common color temperature ranges for LED strips:

  1. Warm White (2700K-3000K): This color temperature range produces a warm and cozy light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs. It has a yellowish tint and is often used in residential spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and restaurants.
  2. Neutral White (3500K-4000K): Neutral white light falls between warm and cool tones. It provides a balanced and natural illumination, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including offices, retail stores, and task lighting.
  3. Cool White (5000K-6500K): Cool white light has a crisp and bright appearance with a bluish tint. It simulates natural daylight and is often used in spaces where visibility and focus are important, such as kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, and retail displays.

It’s important to note that the specific color temperature options may vary depending on the manufacturer and product. When purchasing LED strips, you can choose the color temperature that best suits your desired lighting ambiance and functional requirements.

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