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Different LED Strip Lights Different price

Different LED Strip Lights Different price

Different LED Strip Lights Different price,the price of LED strip lights can be affected by several factors. Here are some common factors that affect the price of LED strip lights:

  1. Quality and performance: The quality and performance of LED strip lights are important factors that affect the price. High-quality LED strip lights usually use high-quality LED chips and ICs, which have better brightness, colour accuracy, durability and energy-saving performance, so the price is relatively high.
  2. LED chip type: the type of LED chip used in LED strip lights will also affect the price. Different types of LED chips have different performance and cost. For example, high brightness SMD LED chips are relatively expensive, while ordinary DIP LED chips are less expensive.
  3. Number of LED beads: The price of LED strip light is usually proportional to the number of LED beads. Longer LED strip usually has more LED beads, so the price is relatively higher.
  4. Waterproof performance: If the LED strip has waterproof performance, such as IP65, IP67 or IP68 level waterproof, its price is usually higher than non-waterproof LED strip.
  5. Brand and supplier: LED strip lights from famous brands and reliable suppliers usually cost more because they usually provide better quality and after-sales service.
  6. Safety certification: LED strip lights with safety certification (such as CE certification, ROHS certification, etc.) are usually priced relatively high because they meet the relevant safety standards and regulations.
  7. after-sales service: some LED strip light suppliers provide better after-sales service, such as warranty period, technical support, etc., which may be reflected in the price.

It should be noted that the price of LED strip light is not the only measure, the combined effect of the above factors should also be considered when choosing the LED strip light that suits your needs and budget.

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